recent graduate reflects on working at recycling lives

I was first approached by a consultant from Recycling Lives People a few months after I graduated from university. At the time I was working freelance and making money as a café supervisor, but I was looking to work more in-line with my degree subject.

When I received a call from Recycling Lives People, I was told quite quickly that it was a recruitment call for a company called Recycling Lives – having never heard of Recycling Lives before the recruiter gave me a detailed description of the business and charitable activities. 

Recycling Lives’s work rehabilitating ex-offenders, ex-servicemen, the homeless and the long-term unemployed through training and work experience really caught my attention. I have friends and family members who have struggled with long-term unemployment or to rebuild their lives after leaving the army so I had some personal understanding of how difficult this can be.

This personal interest drove me to investigate Recycling Lives more deeply, examining the website and finding out more about the company’s ethos and values. I found that the company – and the job role – really fit with my personal and professional goals, so I decided to make a formal application through the website.

I received a response from the consultant I spoke to at Recycling Lives People the day after I submitted my application and had an interview set up for a few days after that. The process ran very smoothly – I was told the date and time of the interview and given advice on the dress-code and how to get to Recycling Lives Head Offices. I even got a phone call a few hours before the interview itself to check that my travel plans were running smoothly!

After the interview Recycling Lives People checked in with me to see how the interview had gone. I was happy to report that it had gone very well. I enjoyed talking with my interviewers and was excited about joining the Recycling Lives team. I was interviewed on a Friday afternoon and found out that I had the job the following Monday evening. 

I have now been working for Recycling Lives for more than two months and I’m loving every second of it. It means a huge amount to me to know that the work I do here is helping vulnerable people every day.