Mark passes class II driving test with flying colours

Having joined Recycling Lives just a year ago, Mark is already progressing through the ranks and has successfully completed his driving test for Class II entitlement.

Since joining Recycling Lives in August 2012, Mark has been driving a 7.5T box vehicle and collecting CRT, display screens and fridges from other household waste centres, recycling sites and businesses.

As Mark was regularly reaching the maximum vehicle capacity, he was keen to undertake training for the Class II driving test.

Recycling Lives are fully committed to offering first class training to all staff members via our award-winning in-house training department. By delivering training at a high standard we not only ensure that we meet legislative guidelines, but also create a safer workplace.

We are keen to help staff members progress and offer training to all team members who require it. By delivering effective training, we enable staff to progress within the company and further their careers.

Our commitment to using the latest technologies to advance recycling methods means that we regularly train staff on new and emerging recycling and waste management technologies.

In addition to enabling us to recycle items more efficiently, this also means that we can offer recycling facilities for new types of consumer products, such as FPD recycling, CRT recycling and waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling.

By ensuring that we can offer the most extensive recycling options, Recycling Lives is able to cater for a wide variety of needs.

We can help businesses ensure that they are adhering to the relevant legislation in terms of waste management and duty of care requirements, as well as helping individuals to recycling household goods and waste.

Since passing his test with flying colours, Mark is now able to use a vehicle with a larger capacity and increase the number of items he can collect.

In addition to increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this will help to ensure that items are successfully collected and recycled appropriately rather than being disposed of elsewhere.