Social Media: Definitely not a waste of time

One local authority’s waste management service spent a day paying particular attention to social media recently, taking over the council’s Twitter feed to interact with local people.

North Devon Council’s waste and recycling service posted tweets during Thursday 20th June to show the calls that it received from the public about waste and recycling. This was done as part of Recycle Week, an initiative throughout the UK to promote recycling.

The local authority’s waste service also tweeted about the activity of its recycling crew during the morning of that Thursday. Below is a selection of the tweets made by @ndevoncouncil. The first one mentions some waste that was, thankfully, fragrant:

“Rob’s just got a soaking from some items. He says not a prob though – smells like Persil! All part of the job! #ndevon #RecycleWeek2013”

The team also took the opportunity to tweet praise from the public:

“Just talking to resident Andrew. He says the crew does a good job, leaves the street clean and thanks for service! #ndevon #RecycleWeek2013”

They dispensed advice on how to avoid fly-tipping, too:

“Mattress dumped in Portmarsh Lane: Donate unwanted items to charity.  #RecycleWeek2013 #NDevon”

And we were pleased to see that their staff take pride in their job:

“Rob says he gets a lot of satisfaction when they complete a street of recycling and see it all clear. Takes pride. #ndevon #RecycleWeek2013”

We are delighted to see this attempt to engage with the public and promote the work of the people who keep our streets free of rubbish, and play a major role in keeping waste out of landfill.

Recycling Lives also makes use of social media to get information out to people who are interested in our services, which include recycling scrap metal and a range of other household and commercial waste products.

We tweet about not only the work we carry out in this field, but also about our social welfare charity and Community Dotcom schemes. The charity helps homeless people to find work and accommodation, and transform their lives after experiencing severe hardship.

The Community Dotcoms provide services to people so they can dispose of bulky waste, scrap their cars, and donate high quality furniture, helping charities in the process.

We believe that, by engaging with the community, we are doing even more to add social value to local people’s lives through our commercial work. We applaud North Devon Council for taking this approach, and wish their waste management and recycling teams continued success in raising awareness of recycling in their local area!