Dean's story

Dean says he didn’t know if he’d be able to get his life back on track when he ended up back in prison in 2016.

“I thought ‘how am I going to get my children back…am I going to fall back into the same life…will I be able to get work?

“Recycling Lives has helped me in every way - with a job, a home and my children.”

The father-of-three worked in the HMP Academy in Lancaster Farms for six months of his one-year sentence: “I heard they help you get set up when you get out of prison and I’m a hands-on person, so the work suited me.”

It was a very different experience to his first time in prison, back in 2004: “I had no help last time.”

This time round though, Dean had a goal - to be able to see his children upon release. With support from Recycling Lives he was spending weekends with his children within five months of release.

“I take them trampolining and swimming…it means everything to me.”

Dean is now managing Recycling Lives' busiest car recycling department.