What’s a circular economy?

Developing a circular economy - waste management solutions to increase recycling and reuse
A circular economy is a closed-loop economy that aims to extend the life of assets and resources through recycling, keeping quality materials at their highest value and utility. Rather than creating products from raw material and disposing of them in landfill after use, products are created from recycled materials and recycled at the end of their life. In this way, resources are conserved while the quality of products created remains the same.

Circular Economy

Recycling Lives is already taking steps towards building a circular economy, focusing on upcycling materials and putting them back into circulation at the highest point of utility. We have invested in machinery that streamlines our downstream segregation processes, enabling us to recover more usable metal from the scrap we receive. We have created blocks to separate off operational areas at our Recycling Park using typically unusable, crushed CRT screen glass. Typically, we will also offer our clients closed-loop solutions to recycle and reuse their waste streams.
We are a member of Business In The Community’s Circular Economy Taskforce, working with other businesses, manufacturers and government bodies to find and implement practical solutions. The circular economy is recognised to be an established growth enabler for the UK economy, making it an economical, as well as environmental, benefit to businesses.