Our role in the circular economy

The circular economy plays a huge role in the Recycling industry, where the life of materials is extended for re-purpose and re-use to be entered back into the lifecycle, thus avoiding the mining of further natural resources and creation of new materials.

Circular Economy

It's a prerogative at Recycling Lives to ensure that the quality of our recycled materials is the highest possible for further re-purpose and use, using the most sustainable and efficient processes possible.​

Equally important is the holistic approach we take to streamline processes, reduce energy consumption, minimise landfill, and use innovation to continually improve and increase recovery of usable materials.​

​We do all of this whilst working with the justice system and sister Recycling Lives Charity, to provide work opportunities, prevent offending and re-offending, in turn giving back to local economies and communities.​

​We are a member of Business in the Community's Circular Economy Taskforce, working with other businesses, manufacturers and government bodies to find and implement practical solutions.