About our compliance services & team

Respected and trusted by peers in the industry and clients alike, our compliance team is at the forefront of understanding, influencing and implementing compliance regulations in the recycling and waste management sector.

Members of our team have been shaping compliance regulations at an industry and government level since the first compliance directive was passed in 2002. The team has an in-depth understanding of all the regulations and how they affect your business, having sat on review panels supporting regulatory bodies and the UK government to address key industry issues. This makes them well-placed to advise on your business’ responsibilities and requirements.

Recycling Lives Producer Compliance Scheme

Assigning a key account manager to every organisation, our compliance consultants will assume all your legal obligations for you. Our team makes sure that you’re registered with the Environment Agency and deliver waste management solutions to suit your business.
In addition, our team’s unique partnership with an industry-leading recycler and social value enterprise raises the CRS profile of your business while ensuring that all your compliance needs are met.