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Caring for our planet

Innovation for environmental change

Recycling Lives Services are committed to the circular economy and a world where waste is reimagined. We have high environmental standard for ourselves, our supply chain and help our customers monitor their own impacts.

Some examples of our positive environmental programmes include:

Reducing landfill – we help our customers reduce their landfill to near zero or zero wherever possible. This is achieved through maximising material recovery and working with a partner network who have the same high environmental standards as we do

Carbon footprint – to reduce our own carbon footprint we utilise renewable sources of energy, operate with low energy lighting and are commercialising novel solutions such as waste to energy. We also offer consultancy services for our customers to help them achieve their own carbon reduction goals 

Reducing waste and improving recycling rates – our services drive the reuse and recycling of WEEE, packaging, batteries and environmental waste streams. This improves circularity and reduces the need for new resources to be extracted from our precious earth

Helping our customers monitor environmental impact – customers of our environmental waste services can access our reporting portal where they can view landfill diversion, carbon reduction and other environmental measures. This allows our customers to report accurately on their own environmental impact. 

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