Hirsute heroes at Recycling Lives say no to men’s cancers

The men of Recycling Lives are getting ready to fight cancer by growing magificient moustaches for Movember!

A team of hirsute heroes from the company’s various sites will be retiring their razors for the month of November in a bid to raise awareness of cancers that affect men, raise funds to help in the fight against prostate cancer and testicular cancer and to raise Recycling Lives’ reputation as one of the manliest, most moustachio’ed companies in the North West!

Movember Europe is a registered charity scheme that encourages men to stop shaving their moustache for the whole of November in a bid to raise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men – specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

Participants in the scheme, dubbed “Mo Bros” must start the month with a clean shaven face. For the rest of the month, however, the generous Mo Bro must grow and groom a top quality ‘tache. In true dandy style, no beards or goatees are allowed; only good old-fashioned moustaches qualify. By the end of the month, Mo Bros will have become dashing dudes and – perhaps more importantly! – walking adverts for men’s cancer awareness.

The Movember scheme, which was founded in Australia, has managed to raise over £184million in aid of men’s cancer charities, including Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research. Funds raised go towards supporting a range of innovative programmes of research, education, and support for sufferers and survivors. In 2011 alone, almost £80million pounds was raised and, this year, the marvellous men at Recycling Lives are determined to help!

Adam Ainscough from Recycling Lives, who is leading the company’s Movember team, commented:

“There are quite a few members of staff from the company who will be taking part in Movember again this year, and we’re all ready to get going – and growing! If I’m honest, I think half of us just want a bit more of a lie-in in the morning!”

“The majority of Recycling Lives’ employees are male, so Movember is a great way to raise awareness of cancers that affect men. Men are notoriously bad at going to the doctor and getting checked out when they notice something different about their body, so hopefully this will take away some of the shame that’s still involved in men’s health. The fact that we’re all going to look amazing by December is just an added bonus!”

And so, with stiff upper lips at the ready, the men of Recycling Lives are preparing to say yes to mighty moustaches, cracking cookie-dusters and wonderful wife-ticklers, and no to prostate and testicular cancer!