IT & WEEE department working to support Recycling Lives charity

The IT & WEEE recycling department has been working hard to raise much needed funds for the Recycling Lives charity.

Processing a range of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) using a sophisticated WEEE shredding system, the IT & WEEE department accepts waste from both the general public and commercial businesses. Often, items will come through the department that have some reuse value. Rather than letting these items go to the shredder, the department decided to leverage this resource into income for the charity.

Many reusable items are sold to staff. This benefits everybody- the staff get desirable products at affordable prices, the department increases its reuse figures and the money raised goes to support our charity. So far, over £650 has been raised by the IT & WEEE department for the charity.

In addition, a number of working items have been donated directly to the charity, for use by the Residents during their time in the Six Stage Process. These include microwaves, kettles, slow cookers, toasters and irons. Donating these items saves the charity money, allowing it to focus on delivering the support the Residents need.

The Recycling Lives charity is an award- winning, innovative approach to tackling homelessness and unemployment. We offer accommodation, education, training and work experience to homeless and long-term unemployed individuals, with the eventual aim of employment and independent living.