New glass crusher at RLRP

A new glass crushing plant is currently being installed at Recycling Lives Recycling Park.

Recycling Lives' new glass crushing plant

The new plant will allow extra screen glass from the CRT recycling line to be processed.

The crushed glass from the new plant, designed by Recycling Lives, will be used in the onsite shot blasting facility with the excess sold to aggregate manufacturers and other shot blasting companies.

The glass will also be used in the production of roof tiles and pathway flags, reducing the amount of this potentially hazardous waste being sent to landfill.

Recycling Lives has been working with Envirolink North West and Ceram to carry out extensive tests on the suitability of this material and if it meets UK Standards.

Recycling Lives Plant Manager, Gary Halpin, said: “The new glass crushing line will replace our old system, which was slow and expensive to maintain. It will also significantly increase the reliability and the amount of glass we can process a day.”