Recycling Lives continues to soar

THE month of September has seen an increase in footfall for the Recycling Lives centre.

Continued development of the business incubators and the increased use of the SEE (Social Enterprise Education) Centre have caused the footfall to rise.

The SEE Centre is based in Essex Street, Preston and acts as an outreach centre for Preston College. The centre provides college courses and skills training to those members of the community who are unlikely or unable to attend mainstream colleges and institutions.

In September alone, more than 3,500 members of the community attended the centre to access the commercial business space as well as a wide range of courses ranging from English and Maths to dress making offered by Preston College.

Recycling Lives Chief Executive Officer Charles Jackson said: “These figures show how a Recycling Lives centre can help members of the community and regenerate an area. The SEE centre is helping to bring education and knowledge into the community, as well as to those, who feel mainstream institutions are not for them. Over recent months the attendance figures have been growing fast and it is really great to see the community flourishing from the opportunities we are able to offer.”