Recycling Lives delivers great service to UPS

Following a successful trial run, Recycling Lives has secured a contract to service all UPS depots in the UK.

Since September, Recycling Lives has been providing collection and recycling services to seven of the international freight giant’s UK facilities. Following a positive review, UPS has awarded us the contract for the rest of their UK sites – 20 in total! Our team will be collecting and processing of 11 different types of hazardous waste for UPS. Containers will be placed on site and waste will be removed at regular intervals, before being taken to one of our recycling centres, which maintain extremely high recycling rates.

Recycling Lives was offered the chance to undertake a trial contract with UPS after UK & Ireland District Automotive Manager and Automotive Compliance Administrator, Peter Thomas and Katie Anderton, visited the team at the Recycling Lives Centre on Preston’s Essex Street. They were particularly impressed not only by the concept of a successful commercial enterprise being used to fund a sustainable social welfare charity.

“We are delighted to be working with Recycling Lives”, said Cindy Miller, UPS Managing Director, UK, Ireland & Nordics . “Sustainability is of paramount concern to UPS and its operations, and we are thrilled that through this partnership with Recycling Lives we will not only further our green initiatives but help fund social welfare in the local community.”

The Recycling Lives charity offers accommodation, training, education and work experience opportunities to homeless and long-term unemployed people from the local area, helping them to work their way back to independent lives and gain the skills they need to secure a future career.  Many Residents go on to work in the recycling and waste management industries after securing a range of vocational qualifications at Recycling Lives’ in-house training centre.

Every commercial waste contract that Recycling Lives secures helps to bring in vital funds for the charity, and represents potential work experience opportunities for our Residents, either on-site with us or with the corporate partner themselves. By expanding and diversifying the work that it does, Recycling Lives is building opportunities and helping other businesses to expand their Corporate Social Responsibility agendas.