Recycling Lives FPD Department hits new highs

Recycling Lives are pleased to announce that the on-going success of our FPD department has earned them an upgrade to the yellow shooting star icon on eBay!

The FPD department’s eBay shop has been awarded the accolade after achieving a feedback score of over 10,000. The store, which launched in 2011, has been quick to expand and meet the increasing demand.

We now ship approximately 1,000 items every month from the FPD department and have sold in excess of 15,000 LCD and plasma television parts since the store opened. By enabling consumers to purchase these parts, many are able to repair their existing products rather than consign them to the tip.

The FPD department handles inputs from businesses and waste management sites as well as donations made via our Community Dotcom scheme, Bulky Waste. Without the services Recycling Lives offers, many of the items would end up in landfill sites or being dumped.

By operating a closed loop recycling system we’re able to fully recycle every part and component of each item that we process. As all the processing takes place at authorised recycling and waste management sites, those using our services can be sure that their unwanted items are recycled ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

Although not everyone who buys from the FPD department’s eBay shop leaves feeback, those that do have been pleased with the service and parts we supply. With a positive feedback score of 99.8%, it’s clear that we’re delivering a great service and will endeavour to keep doing so.

Warehouse Manager, Neil Dallison, commented on the achievement, saying:

“I am very proud of what we have achieved in the FPD department and I am pleased to see that the new department supervisor; Antonee Murphy and his team are continuing to offer a great service and provide exceptional customer service.”