Recycling Lives: helping Lancashire residents solve a WEEE problem!

Thanks to Recycling Lives, people in Lancashire who need to dispose of their waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) can now do it close to home or when they go shopping.

On Friday 8th December, special WEEE recycling bins were placed in Buckshaw Village, near Chorley, and at the Morrisons superstore on Mariners Way in Preston. Now, people can place their unwanted items in these bins, rather than having to take them to a Designated Collection Facility (like the Recycling Lives plant in Preston) or arrange a collection.

The two new bins have been provided by Recycling Lives because four Household Waste Recycling Sites across the county — in Garstang, Great Harwood, Bacup and Colne – have closed. We are pleased to be working in partnership with Morrisons, as well as Buckshaw Village Community Association and Residential Management Group (RMG), on this new initiative to make it easier for households to dispose of waste items in a responsible way.

Disposing of WEEE responsibly is of great importance; electrical items that are disposed of in the general household waste bin often get sent to landfill, where they can pose a risk to the environment – items such as fluorescent tubes and televisions, for example, are classified as hazardous waste, so it is very important that they be disposed of correctly.

In working with Recycling Lives on this ongoing project, Morrisons and RMG will be helping to divert WEEE from landfill and raising awareness among the Buckshaw Village residents who use their services. Residents will even receive certificates from Recycling Lives to show how many tonnes of waste have been diverted from landfill.

Recycling Lives processes waste electrical electronic equipment as well as metal, plastic, glass and other waste products. It is committed to sustainability, recycling everything or sending items that can be reused to local charities, thus ensuring that as many people as possible benefit. In addition, through its work with individuals who are homeless and unemployed, Recycling Lives uses its environmental activities to offer people the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications so they can work their way back to independent living.