Recycling Lives join the Scrappage Scheme

The launch of new UK scrappage scheme means that motorists trading in a vehicle 10 years old or more get £2000 towards the cost of their new car.

£1000 comes from the Government and £1000 comes from the Car Dealer.

Where does the recycling industry fall into the scrappage scheme you might ask?

Well in order to claim their £1000 back, car dealers must produce a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) which is a document that can only be issued by an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). That’s where Recycling Lives door come in- as an ATF we have joined the scheme and 85% of each car scrapped by Recycling Lives is recycled by Recycling Lives, which more than achieves Government directives.

Recycling Lives have put together a collection and disposal package for North West car dealers. Once they have acquired a vehicle through the scheme they simply make a call to Recycling Lives, we collect the vehicle and issue a CoD within 24 hours.

In the UK, months of declines in new car sales have led to production cutbacks and job losses and the scheme aims to entice car buyers back into the showrooms. Recycling Lives have certainly seen an increase in vehicles being collected for our car spares division and for recycling.

 This means more good news for our car spares customers as we will have more cheap parts to sell them and the potential for new jobs, because as the number of cars we process increases, the number of staff You required will too.

Recycling Lives Recycling General Manager Alasdair Jackson said about the success of the scheme: “Recycling Lives is now receiving approximately 20 extra vehicles each day and in an effort to cope with demand we’ve recently taken on a new driver. The scheme not only promotes recycling but is also creating jobs which I consider to be fantastic news.”