Recycling Lives makes vital contribution to football’s future

Future footballers’ talents could be nurtured in Lancashire schools, thanks to some England footballs that local educational establishments received from our social welfare charity!

Recycling Lives received 2500 of the balls from one of its corporate partners, and, since the balls were completely unspoilt – in fact, they were still boxed – it was decided by Sales Manager Mark Simpson that they should be put to even better use than being recycled.

Mark passed the balls to the Recycling Lives social welfare charity so that they could use their extensive network of local connections to find people who could benefit from them. Once they had possession, the charity decided to donate them to local schools, so children could play with them.

Staff and charity Residents, who are previously homeless people supported by the charity to find work and accommodation, got to work dividing up the balls and distributing them to Lancashire schools.

Those receiving the footballs included: St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School; the Sir Tom Finney Community High School; Longton Primary School; Deepdale Infant School; Ashbridge Independent School and Nursery; Moor Park Business and Enterprise School and Clayton-le-Woods Primary School.

Teachers cheered Recycling Lives’ performance, which will help children ranging in age from pre-school to high school.

Lisa Bellam-Brown, Company Director of Sunshine Nursery and Pre-School, said:

“The footballs will be a fantastic resource to enable our children to develop their gross motor skills, co-ordination, agility and balance. We have already come up with lots of great activities in which we can use the balls to have lots of fun. A brilliant donation, loved by all our children.”

Bernadette Wood, Headteacher of St. Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, said:

“We love our sport at St Oswald’s so the footballs will be a great addition to our sports stock. We have already put some of the footballs in our Buddy Barn so everyone can use them during Golden Play.”

The 150 balls received by Clayton-le-Woods Primary School were also welcomed by the senior staff. Headteacher Sue Pennington said:

“The pupils were all very excited by the delivery of the footballs, so we are sure that the nice weather we are enjoying will mean plenty of football games in the playground!”

Deputy Headteacher Kerry Swarbrick agreed, adding:

“The children were eager to hold up the footballs for snaps for the school album. If only they were as enthusiastic about having their school photographs taken!”

Stuart Allison, Senior Learning Manager for PE and Healthy Living at Preston’s Moor Park Business and Enterprise School, spoke about how the footballs will benefit older pupils. He said:

“We will certainly be using them within lessons for close skills work and possibly as some prizes for star pupils of the term! It is always better to re-use items if you can rather than putting perfectly good things in landfill sites.”

We agree entirely with Mr Allison, which is why we were so keen to help out the schools. With our innovative waste management solutions, including manufacturing processes to convert plastic and glass into construction materials, we are booting materials out of landfill.

Through our social welfare charity and Community Dotcom schemes, which provide convenient ways to dispose of scrap vehicles, unwanted furniture and bulky waste, we are also hitting our Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Local communities, the economy and society are benefiting from our dedication to improving the areas in which we work.