Recycling Lives team recovers from Guild half-marathon

There’ll be a few moans and groans at Recycling Lives today, not to mention a number of limping staff members, after a group of our intrepid colleagues ran the Preston Guild half-marathon yesterday!

This first ever Preston marathon honours the Preston Guild, a period of celebration held every 20 years since the town was granted Guild Merchant – or market town – status in 1179.

It also comes during the city’s successful year as European City of Sport 2012, something that the team at Recycling Lives have really got on board with by taking part in a 60-mile bike ride and hosting their own football tournament (not to mention that awkward but magical moment when our team won European food firm Dr Oetker’s internal football competition!).

And so it was that yesterday, our Recycling Lives runners braved the cold, wind and rain to gather at the Recycling Lives Centre an hour before the start of the race so they could walk to the starting line together. Then, at 10am, they were off, joining around 4,500 other runners and covering a carefully planned route around Preston’s scenic rural outskirts – not that anyone had time to stop and take in the view!

Our runners included Mark Simpson, Kate Jackson, Owen Green, Katie Roxburgh, Clare Pilkington and Alasdair Jackson – representing for the board of directors!

Operations Director, Alasdair commented:

“What can I say? It was cold, wet and painful. My knees went after three miles but I managed to plod on through the pain. I spent yesterday unable to move and wondering what I’d done to myself!

“I have to admit, though, it was worth it to see our team finish the course and achieve something really special. Congratulations to everyone who took part.”

Recycling Lives is really proud of all its team members for having stepped up to the challenge of a hefty half-marathon and given it their best shot. Perhaps our biggest congratulations, though, go to our victorious team winner Clare, who crossed the finish line with an impressive time of just 1:54:11! With the overall women’s winner, Sarah Ridehalgh, coming in at 1:23:24, we don’t think that’s half bad!

A huge “Well done!” to everyone that took part in the run, and special thanks also to Katie Roxburgh for all her hard work in organising the team’s participation in the event.