Recycling Lives wins transport contract

Recycling Lives has taken over the transport contract for plasterboard from Lancashire Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Previously, the plasterboard was brought to Recycling Lives’ waste transfer station by SITA, where it was processed in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation.

Now, however, Recycling Lives is responsible for both the transportation of the skips in which the plasterboard is stored, and the subsequent recycling processes. This new contract is great news for the transport department, which is now running at full capacity and actively searching for a new skip wagon to add to its fleet.

For every contract that Recycling Lives wins, the organisation is able to invest more into its social welfare charity, which offers homeless and unemployed people the opportunity to take part in a six-stage residential programme. The programme comprises training, education, work experience and employment opportunities and aims to guide society’s most disadvantaged individuals back to an independent and productive way of life.