Staying mo-tivated in Movember

Well, it’s Day Seven of Movember and the hairy heroes at Recycling Lives are looking…well, hairy!

It’d be too much of a stretch at this point to say that anyone was looking good, but there’s been a cracking effort from every member of the Movember mob at Recycling Lives. Whiskers are growing, wives are growing unhappy, and we reckon our menfolk are starting to look pretty manly!

With only one week down and another three left to go, our Mo-Bros have everything left to play for. Marketing Manager, Adam Ainscough has shot into the lead with his donations, if not with his facial fuzz, while rumour has it that the Recycling Lives Charity’s Neil Flanagan has been boosting his bristles with the help of a fake moustache. He and Charity Manager, Mark Channing, are staying tight (and hairy!) lipped on the matter, so time will tell if a bitter rivalry between Recycling Lives’ Commercial and Charity Mo-Bros will emerge!

Down at Recycling Lives Recycling Park, Health and Safety Manager, Tom Carysforth-Nadin has caused a stir with his already mighty moustache – rivals are questioning whether there could be illegal substances involved. And, representing for the Mo-Sistas with a full on fake beard, is Corporate Responsibility and Business Development Manager, Kate Jackson.

The team is inching towards £100 in donations right now, and there’s plenty of time to help them out! Simply visit the Recycling Lives Movember Team page and donate as much or as little as you like – even a pound makes a difference!