Storage Bay Fire at Recycling Lives in Preston

Shortly after 9pm on Thursday evening (9th April 2015), fire took hold in a scrap metal storage bay at the Recycling Lives Recycling Park on Longridge Road.

Thanks to the rapid response of firefighters and the well-planned layout of the site, no injuries or material damage have occurred and the fire was sufficiently contained.

Staff members offered exemplary assistance to the fire service, clearing adjacent storage bays to ensure that the fire was contained and caused no damage to any infrastructure or machinery.

The Recycling Lives Recycling Park is the primary operating site of Recycling Lives; the diligently designed site covers 15 acres with commercial offices, advanced processing machinery and storage bays. Recycling Lives have an exceptional health and safety record and thanks to the carefully considered layout of the site, the fire was contained within one metal storage bay.
An investigation is currently taking place and will continue throughout the next week to determine the cause of the fire. It is anticipated that the site will operate as normal tomorrow (Saturday 10th April) with trade temporarily diverted to the Recycling Lives Red Scar Depot.

Due to planning permission restrictions, the main processing machinery, a state of the art metal fragmentiser, can only operate within the hours of 7:30am and 2pm. Therefore, in order to maximise processing efficiency, scrap metal must be stored beyond the volumes we would wish.

Steve Jackson, CEO of Recycling Lives said:

Thanks to the exceptional work of firefighters and the outstanding health and safety practises at Recycling Lives, the fire was quickly contained and there have been no injuries or damage to machinery. We are incredibly grateful to the firefighters and other emergency services who have helped us to deal with the incident and we will continue to support their operations in any way we can.
‘We would also like to extend our thanks to our customers who have been sending messages of support throughout the night and this morning, particularly our neighbours, EH Booths and James Hall’