Time for a re-match: Recycling Lives goes footy-mad once more!

As though they didn’t get enough of the wind and rain last time, staff at Recycling Lives have organized another five-a-side football tournament!

In April, the company held a six-a-side football tournament for staff members, which ended in victory for Storm Corner – named after the weather in the area in Hungary where most of the players originate. But, it seems that the rest of the teams are keen to take on the Hungarian heroes in a rematch.

The next Recycling Lives football tournament – in which teams of five will be competing – will be held at PlayFootball Preston on Tag Lane between 2-5pm on Saturday, 1st December . The games will be held on an indoor pitch this time, to avoid players getting the soaking of a lifetime, as they did in April, and to prevent any more cheeky complaints that “Those Hungarians are way more used to the rain than we are!”

The tournament is being arranged by Clinton Williams from the Recycling Lives training department as part of the company’s drive on health and fitness, launched for Preston’s year as the 2012 European City of Sport.

Why not stop by this Saturday to watch our lovely lads get their legs out and battle to be crowned the best side at Recycling Lives? While we can’t promise Premier League skills, and lots of our fellas are more Rooney than Ronaldo, there’ll be lots of laughs and light refreshments available throughout.