Top marks for Recycling Lives customer service

The past nine months, which have been spent developing and delivering training for Recycling Lives, have been an exciting journey – both for us as a business development provider and for Recycling Lives as a company.

Our initial brief was to create a bespoke customer service training day for Recycling Lives that would enable staff to interact, learn and be energised to deliver exceptional customer service. Training began in September and continued through until January, with participants getting the chance to attend interactive and engaging workshops in quite small groups, which helped to ensure that everyone had a chance to take part fully. Participants were given the opportunity to practise greetings, learn about body language and tone of voice, as well as the importance of making a good first impression.

Photograph of Adam MorganLooking back over our time so far, I am incredibly proud to have worked with the whole team at Recycling Lives to drive forward a real change in culture. The training has been a great forum for team building and has helped to create an environment where employees of all levels feel united.

Walking into the Recycling Lives centre now, there is a definite difference. Reception staff are confident in their professionalism, treating customer care as their number one priority and helping to build Recycling Lives’ reputation as a company that looks after both clients and staff. The focus of the training was on how attitude is everything and this is something that has been really taken on board by Recycling Lives staff: – people have become even more passionate about their work and are determined to make the changes that will take the company forward, and on to further success.

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