We have expanded our fleet with a new ten car transporter

Recycling Lives is committed to ensuring our operations are carried out with maximum efficiency. To this end, we invest in the highest quality of new machinery and vehicles. The company has recently added a new vehicle to its extensive fleet- a ten car transporter wagon.

The wagon will be used to collect End of Life Vehicles (ELVs), such as scrap cars, vans and motorbikes, from auctions, clients and the general public. The ELVs are then delivered to our modern Authorised Treatment Facility– known as RLRP – for processing. Roadworthy and valuable vehicles may be sold on to maximise their value. Scrap cars, meanwhile, are fully depolluted and dismantled in accordance with environmental regulations and industry best practice.

The ten car transporter has been purchased in order to cope with an increase in collections as Recycling Lives continues to expand. By allowing the transport department to collect more ELVs in one go, it will also reduce fuel costs and our impact on traffic levels, and improve the efficiency of the ELV Depollution department.

Painted in the unmistakeable lime green that adorns all of our vehicles, the transporter acts as a mobile advert for the company and the charity.

Driven by our policy of providing relevant training to our staff, and promoting from within whenever possible, the transport department’s own Andrew Sumner has undertaken training and testing to gain his Class 1 license, required to drive the car transporter.