Beaver Scouts earn a new badge with Recycling Lives

Last week, we welcomed some particularly special visitors to Recycling Lives, who were somewhat smaller than our usual guests.

The Whittle and Clayton Beaver Scouts came to visit the Recycling Lives Recycling Park for a tour, to find out more about recycling and how the site operates.

The visit was organised by Operations Director Alasdair Jackson, whose son, Sam, is a Beaver Scout. Sam, aged 7, was joined by the rest of his group, all aged 6-8, to go on an after-hours tour of Recycling Lives’ largest processing site.

The children had an exclusive tour of the site, with fun games and activities along the way. In the non-ferrous department, they found out how much they would each weigh if they were made of copper – and who would be worth the most money in metal!

At the Flat Panel Display (FPD) television dismantling and processing facility, the first and largest of its kind in the country, they saw what the inside of their televisions at home look like and how we recycle them; in the neighbouring Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television centre, we demonstrated how the glass is removed from the old television sets and turned into concrete blocks.

The end-of-life vehicle processing facility was particularly popular, as the Beavers met Lazlo Vereska who demonstrated the destruction of a vehicle. It seems they enjoyed seeing a car being destroyed, judging by many gleeful faces and a round of applause. They were then taken to our state of the art fragmentiser, a huge piece of innovative machinery, which is capable of processing whole cars mechanically, separating out each material and type of metal. Alasdair explained how a whole car goes into the machine at one end, and come out of the other as shredded scrap materials.

At the downstream, the Beavers got a chance to try their hand at coin-picking – even getting to take home what they found.

The Beaver Scouts all left with big smiles on their faces, excitedly chattering about the new things they had learnt and the badge that the tour would help them to earn – their Global Badge.

Alasdair Jackson said:

‘It was a great evening and the children just loved it. It was great to be giving a site tour to a group of excited children – it’s very different to my usual commercial meetings! They loved seeing the destruction process, what 7 year old doesn’t want to see a car getting smashed to bits? But it was also a great opportunity to teach them about recycling and the importance of disposing of waste materials properly and efficiently. They got to see first-hand how we can reuse materials and make them into new things, and to see them so excited about that was great’.

Recycling Lives offer a range of waste management and recycling services, using state of the art equipment, which the Beaver Scouts got to see first-hand, to create innovative waste management and processing solutions. We offer affordable, professional commercial recycling services with additional CSR benefits, as everything we do helps to sustain our social welfare charity.

Take a look at our short videos to find out more about the services we offer, and how we can bring a range of benefits to our customers.