Breaking the cycle: tackling homelessness & preventing mental illness

According to Citizens Advice, the number of people seeking assistance with housing and homelessness issues has increased by 14% over the course of the last year.

Once an individual has become homeless, they risk becoming trapped in a very hard to break cycle. Homelessness can quickly lead to a loss of skills, extensive health problems and a lack of self-esteem. According to statistics from 2009[1], UK homeless people suffer from twice as many mental illnesses as non-homeless individuals, with psychosis 4-15 times more prevalent among the homeless population. Once these problems become established, they are difficult to diagnose and treat: homeless individuals are often unable to register with a GP due to their lack of address.

At Recycling Lives, we recognise the devastating effect that homelessness can have on individuals’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Our aim is, where possible, to offer a safety net to individuals who would otherwise be facing a very bleak future.

Through our social welfare charity, we’re able to offer accommodation, training and work experience to individuals threatened by homelessness, as well as the motivation and support they need to start building themselves back up. Our scheme helps to build skills and self-confidence, and Residents can stay with us for up to two years – the programme moves at their pace.

We know how important it is to help people regain control of their own lives, which is why we seek to build employability, confidence and strong foundations for future independent living.

To find out more about our residential scheme, please visit the Recycling Lives website or contact us on 01772 566566 /