Bringing in the bacon

Here at Recycling Lives, we care about our staff- they are our biggest asset.

That’s why, with the temperature dropping and the skies opening, we decided to spread a little Christmas cheer with free bacon and egg butties. For the first week of December, staff on all our sites enjoyed the free tasty breakfast every morning.

Most of our operations involve manual work, often outside exposed to any inclement weather conditions. With winter well underway, it is important that our staff are fully fuelled for the hard work they do every day. Christmas is coming and many of our staff have families, making it a tight month financially. The free butties made a great way to say ‘thank you’ to our staff for all the great work they have done over the course of the year.

Predictably, the initiative went down a storm- who doesn’t enjoy free bacon? Therefore, we decided to extend it by offering free butties every Monday morning at all our sites, for the rest of December.

This was also a chance for our Residents to do something for the staff, whose hard work helps to support the charity. The café service at RL1, in Preston city-centre, is entirely run by the Residents. Meanwhile, many Residents also undertake work placements at our social enterprise café at RLRP, near Longridge. The café also employs former Residents Mark and Darren, who left the charity in June.

Fuelled by the free butties, our staff are working hard to make December a big finish to a big year for Recycling Lives!