Building In sustainability with sustainable building design

The importance of sustainability in buildings has been recognised by the creation of Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design!

The Royal Academy of Engineering is collaborating with four universities – Loughborough, Heriot-Watt, Sheffield and University College London – to establish the centres. All will work in partnership to research and teach sustainability in the built environment, and exchange ideas to develop best practice.

As a result, engineering students will undertake collaborative problem-solving and develop innovative approaches to design, and professional engineers already in the industry will be able to access professional development.

The Royal Academy’s Professor Doug King, FREng, explains that the Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design are needed because the UK construction industry is changing its working practices as a result of adapting to sustainability requirements. He said:

“The new centres of excellence in Sustainable Building Design will develop new research-led teaching for engineers.

“They will prepare engineering graduates to deliver the sustainable buildings the UK needs at substantially lower cost than is presently achieved. The savings will be measured in billions of pounds to the UK economy and a substantial reduction in commercial risk for developers.”

At Recycling Lives, we are pleased to see that advances are being made in the application of sustainability-conscious design. It is our hope that all future buildings will have a low carbon footprint as a result of innovative engineering. We know it is possible for great things to happen; for example, we have previously reported on a waste plant made of waste!

It is not just buildings that can benefit from creative design solutions towards a sustainable end, either. Systems and processes in businesses can also be designed to reduce or eliminate waste.

Recycling Lives has designed innovative manufacturing processes that enable this to happen. We can convert all plastic polymers into strong beams for use in construction, and waste glass into tiles that provide an attractive alternative to ceramic or synthetic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

We applaud the Royal Academy of Engineering and the four universities with which it is collaborating, and also welcome any organisations that would like to work in partnership with us to increase their sustainability. It all starts simply by choosing Recycling Lives for your waste management and recycling needs!