Businesses: Leave landfill behind with Recycling Lives

Why recycle? To many people, the answer is, “why not?” After all, it makes sense to do the best we can for the environment. But it’s also better for businesses’ bottom lines.

Writing in E2B Pulse, the Commercial Director of a recycling company refers to a report by another organisation on the cost to small and medium-sized businesses of sending their waste to landfill. It is forecast that costs could total approximately £463 million this year!

In the current harsh economic climate, businesses need to do everything possible to minimise costs. With the landfill tax currently standing at £72 per tonne, and due to rise to £80 next year, it makes sense for businesses to look for alternative ways to dispose of their waste. Currently, many are simply ploughing money into the ground.

The simplest alternative is to recycle. Many businesses are already doing this, since there was a rise in recycling and a fall in mixed waste being sent to landfill between 2007 and 2011. But more needs to be done, and businesses need to make plans before the time comes for them to pay an extra £8 for every tonne of waste they send to landfill.

Many businesses have little time to spare. Even though investing some resources in drawing up an effective waste management plan that emphasises recycling would yield long-term gain, it can be difficult to know where to start. But carrying on sending waste to landfill is not an option. So if you are a business looking to make a change, where do you turn?

Recycling Lives has the answer: turn to us. We can offer comprehensive and convenient waste management solutions to businesses. Recycling Lives offers competitive rates and has a track record of providing customer satisfaction; and of course, we avoid sending waste to landfill! Everything is processed in a responsible, sustainable way.

Whether you need general commercial waste, scrap metal, WEEE or plastics recycling, Recycling Lives can provide just what you require. You will save money on sending waste to landfill, and benefit the environment in the process.

There is another advantage to choosing Recycling Lives, and that is the social value that we add to local communities. As a social business, we have a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, and we know that it is vitally important for companies everywhere to demonstrate their own commitment, especially when tendering for Government contracts.

Recycling Lives ensures that it helps local businesses to thrive, and boosts the economy within local areas by providing work opportunities to local people. All our staff receive the training that they need, and work in environments that are safe and good for morale. By using our services, businesses can boost their own CSR.

Better still, you will be helping to sustain charity, because Recycling Lives operates a social welfare charity that helps homeless people to find work and accommodation. Charity Residents receive training so that they can find work more easily once they stop receiving the charity’s support. They begin their pathway to independence as soon as they join us!