Closing the skills gap in the green industry

According to a recent Downing Street report, “current failings” in the development of vocational training programmes are risking the future of the country’s economy.

As part of its new Skills Strategy, the government aims to increase the number of apprenticeships and vocational training courses available to adults, and offer financial support to small and medium sized businesses looking to strengthen their own training schemes.

Damien Waters, Regional Director of the CBI, welcomed the report, stating that urgent action is needed to tackle the problem of “chronic youth unemployment”, and to avoid the risk of a rapidly expanding skills gap.

Mr Waters pointed to a Prince’s Trust study that found 77 per cent of 16-24-year-olds in Manchester and Liverpool are struggling to find work. A further one in three is living in a household with no working adults.

He said: “The North West is a dynamic changing region with a number of exciting growth industries, however we do face a formidable problem with youth unemployment and the knock-on effect of a skills shortage, long-term joblessness and stalled growth.

“We accept there are no magic bullets to this problem or short-term fixes. It is a difficult task, but there can be no excuses when we consider the huge human and financial cost of so many young people failing to thrive.”

Mr Waters added that key industries which would require skills in the future include green energy and manufacturing.

Recycling Lives offers a unique solution to these problems. As a leading commercial recycler and waste management provider, we are working hard to tackle the skill gap in the Green Energy sector. Our Training and Development department offers innovative and accredited courses on a range of skills that are vital for the recycling and waste management industries.

Our expanding profile within the Carbon Reduction sector offers further opportunities to start closing the knowledge gap in the Green Energy sector. As a thought leader, we’re in a position to offer comprehensive and up-to-date training on the specific range of skills they need to excel in this field.

In addition to our work in the environmental sector, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility helps us to address many of the problems faced by marginalised people today.

Our ethos, ‘Supporting, Inspiring, Employing’ really is at the heart of what we do. Through our residential programme, we offer members of society who have fallen on hard times another chance, giving them training, qualifications and experience. Our Residents gain the skills they need to take on a job with us, or one of our corporate partners, and gain the work ethic and self-belief they need to become a confident, productive member of society.

Our strong links with local education institutions allow us to offer Residents courses to suit their personal interests and abilities. And, by working with Preston College to host a variety of training courses at our Recycling Centre, we’re able to give something back to society, too. Members of the public can come along to Recycling Lives and take courses on literacy, numeracy, creative writing, first aid – there really is something for everyone.