Community dotcom scheme set to expand

Furniture Donation Network, a Community Dotcom scheme set up and operated by the Recycling Lives social welfare charity, is set to expand following success since its launch.

The scheme allows members of the public to donate unwanted items of furniture and household goods which are then re-sold to benefit local charities and the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

In addition to enabling people to get rid of their unwanted furniture, the Furniture Donation Network collection partners will even collect furniture from inside donors’ homes making it an easy and convenient way to dispose of unwanted items which might otherwise be awkward or difficult to get rid of.

Having received over 500 donations in its first eight weeks, Furniture Donation Network has proven popular with donors and is set to expand. In order to enable more people to donate, Furniture Donation Network are working with disability charity Shaw Trust and are seeking out new collection partners to work with.

In addition to receiving free furniture donations, collection partners are welcome to view pictures of the items prior to collecting them to ensure they are in saleable condition and benefit from the fact that Furniture Donation Network ensures all items have the relevant fire safety labels attached prior to collection.

As a recycling and waste management firm, Recycling Lives is pleased that charities and charitable organisations are benefiting from the recycling and re-selling of unwanted or surplus furniture and goods.

By ensuring people have a convenient and easy way to dispose of unwanted items, Furniture Donation Network and other Community Dotcom schemes, such as Bulky Waste and the Scrap Car Network, are helping to prevent damage to the environment by reducing the number of items being illegally dumped or disposed of at unauthorised sites.

In addition to this, Furniture Donation Network and the other Community Dotcom schemes are helping to support local charities and people in need as well as supporting the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

Residents from the Recycling Lives social welfare charity often undertake work placements with Furniture Donation Network and other Community Dotcom schemes. This work experience enables Residents to gain crucial practical skills as well as increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

As well as providing a much needed service to the public, Furniture Donation Network is effectively helping local charities and assisting Residents in ending the cycle of homelessness.

To find out more about how the scheme works or becoming a Furniture Donation Network collection partner, contact us today!