Corporate Social Responsibility: Not just an added extra

Once seen as an ‘optional extra’, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now becoming the norm as more and more organisations worldwide realise the value of sustainability.

CSR means conducting business in an ethical way and ensuring business activities have a positive impact on the environment and society – and it is being taken seriously. Corporate giants such as Microsoft and Walt Disney spent hundreds of millions of dollars last year on CSR, tens of millions were ploughed into championing good causes at BMW and Sony, and an Indian Government directive will soon mean that companies will have to spend 2% of their net profit on CSR related activities.

If these successful household names are committed to CSR, it is reasonable to assume that it must be good for business. After all, no sensible company director would invest in something that did not promise a good return – and indeed, it is the top levels of organisations that need to be committed to CSR in order for it to work. “The mindset is shaped at the top and the key challenge is to drive it right down to the bottom. It also has to be customised because each person is passionate about different causes,” says Harsh C Mariwala, Chairman and Managing Director of Marico.

At Recycling Lives, the commitment to CSR starts with the Chief Executive, Steve Jackson, OBE, who runs the organisation as a social business dedicated to sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling, which is underpinned by robust policies clearly demonstrating the highest degree of dedication.

The very business we conduct is by its nature good for the environment – Recycling Lives processes a wide range of waste products, diverting them from landfill. We have our own social welfare charity that provides accommodation, training and employment opportunities to individuals who have been homeless – or at risk of homelessness – and unemployed. Recycling Lives also assists other charities and social enterprises throughout the UK with its range of Community Dotcom schemes, specialising in a variety of areas such as furniture donation, scrap car disposal, and bulky waste removal – and all proceeds go to charities. The extra revenue they receive helps them to continue operating in these tough economic times.

Company leaders interested in CSR but unsure where to start need look no further: simply hire Recycling Lives to deliver award-winning environmental and waste management services. Working with us means you are helping people in need and benefiting the environment – which is good for you and your stakeholders!