Recycling Lives - delivering to the community

While record high levels of worklessness and unemployment blight many UK communities, one organisation is working hard to provide opportunities for the vulnerable and long-term unemployed.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, offers opportunities to individuals facing an uncertain future such as worklessness, homelessness and welfare dependency, to turn their lives around through accommodation, education, training and work experience.

So far, 100 per cent of individuals who have completed the Recycling Lives residential programme have achieved full time employment and independent living.

Recycling Lives also provides employment opportunities to the long-term unemployed through a variety of schemes, such as the Future Jobs Fund and Achieve North West.

So far, through the Future Jobs Fund- a scheme designed to get 18-24 year olds who have been out of work for more than six months into employment- 102 individuals who had previously struggled to find work have been offered employment.

Of those who have already finished their six-month Future Jobs Fund contract, 30 have been kept on as permanent Recycling Lives employees, removing these individuals from the cycle of worklessness and welfare dependency.

Those who were not offered permanent positions will find their experience at Recycling Lives beneficial in finding further employment, with new skills and experience of working. All new-starters also undertook a Preparation for Employment course, run by the dedicated Recycling Lives Training Department.

The Achieve North West scheme, designed to help ex-offenders on probation become more employable, has so far seen 32 individuals undertake the Preparation for Employment course, with 16 of those going on to a 16-week paid working programme.

By the end of the scheme, 13 ex-offenders looking to turn their lives around will have been offered permanent roles with Recycling Lives.

Recycling Lives Founder and Chairman, Steven Jackson, said: “These figures demonstrate the value that Recycling Lives is delivering to the local community.

“Recycling Lives firmly believes that it is the duty of every business to work towards improving the communities they serve, and reducing worklessness and welfare dependency is just one of the ways Recycling Lives goes about this.”