Even more sustainable aluminium containers: Can you believe It?

A US-based aluminium rolling and recycling company is offering an even more sustainable beverage can with a minimum content of 90% recycled aluminium!

Novelis has designed the can specifically for the drinks industry. Cans will be made of their high recycled content aluminium sheet, which will be combined with ends made of different metal. The total recycled material content per can will be 70%.

For Novelis, this development represents progress towards their aim of increasing the recycled content of its products to 80% by 2020; this is something in which the company has invested heavily. The organisation also aims to double its recycling capacity in the next two years.

In the US and Europe, the can is already available; worldwide availability is expected by the end of the year. Chief Sustainability Officer at Novelis, John Gardner, said:

“We encourage wide participation from other aluminium suppliers, beverage and packaging companies, retailers and distributors, recyclers, municipalities, environmental groups and consumers themselves in promoting the use of more sustainable consumer packaging through aluminium recycling.”

Since recycling aluminium takes 5% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw material, and the process emits 5% of the greenhouse gases, it makes environmental sense as well as sound business sense for Novelis to invest in manufacturing cans with such a high percentage of recycled aluminium.

Recycling Lives is pleased to learn of this development. As a social business with several decades of experience in the waste management and metal recycling industry, we have always striven to recycle as much waste as possible. At our centres, we pay competitive rates for unwanted aluminium, including cans, which can be processed for manufacturing.

At Recycling Lives, we have even developed some manufacturing processes of our own, to deal with waste plastic and glass.

Plastics are converted into high strength beams for the construction industry, and glass is made into tiles that provide a sustainable and attractive alternative to granite or marble in kitchens and bathrooms.

Best of all, whenever you recycle aluminium or any other waste with us, you are contributing to the running of our social welfare charity. This helps homeless people to find work and accommodation.

Through following a holistic, six-stage programme, they can find their path to independence and achieve future success!