FPD department continues to grow

The Recycling Lives FPD department- responsible for recycling flat screen televisions and monitors, also known as Flat Panel Display recycling- is continuing to expand, with the acquisition of two valuable new contracts.

The FPD department works closely with the CRT department, recycling televisions and monitors from a range of sources, but particularly from House Waste Recycling Centre’s across the country. The two new contracts, which commenced at the tail end of last year, are bringing an additional combined total of over 15 tonnes of waste- equating to around 4,000 extra units- into the FPD department each week.

In order to cope with the extra material, we have taken on 40 new staff members to work in the busy department. Creating job opportunities for local people is a key part of the Recycling Lives ethos- not only through our commercial operations, but also through corporate partners and our social welfare charity. Indeed, one of our new staff members is actually a former Resident who has moved on to independent living- Michael spent six months with the charity.

The extra material coming into the department means not only will more raw materials be obtained from the dismantling of FPDs; there will also be additional parts available on the Recycling Lives eBay page. The eBay page sells a number of affordable parts for plasma and LCD units, such as inverter boards and LVDS boards, all taken from units dismantled by the department. It also offers a series of video tutorials aimed at helping customers identify and fix faults within their flat screen TV’s.

The Recycling Lives Flat Panel Display recycling department is the first of its kind in the UK. Developed under the guidance of industry experts and opened in 2011, with approval from the Environment Agency, the department uses a manual process to ensure the toxic mercury vapours are safely contained. Inner panels- containing the mercury- are dismantled in a specially-designed sealed clean room, with staff protected by fully sealed bodysuits. The air in the room is replaced and filtered every sixty seconds, with all mercury treated and stored for separate recycling.

Neil Dallison, Warehouse Manager, runs the FPD department:

“The new contracts have significantly increased the intake of the FPD department, increasing our profitability and allowing us to employ more local people. As flat screen televisions continue to become more prevalent in homes across the UK, we expect to see the department continue to expand in the coming years.”