Getting our soldiers off the street

COMMERCIAL recycler and social welfare charity Recycling Lives has been joined in its quest to help members of society facing an uncertain future change their lives for the better.

Recycling Lives helps anyone with a desire to change their future, including the homeless, the workless, the welfare dependent, the socially excluded, the educationally disadvantaged, those suffering personal loss or ex-armed forces personnel struggling to adjust to life as civilians.

This month, Recycling Lives has spoken to serving Army Sergeant, Chris Mounteney, who is also helping ex-servicemen and women who find themselves homeless or in need.

Sergeant Mounteney is a serving soldier for the TA in Northampton. He decided to do something to help people leaving the forces after an encounter with an ex-serviceman selling the Big Issue.

So far, Chris has helped to re-house 20 men and liaised with at least 30 others in Southern England.

He offers immediate care and support in the form of warm surroundings, food, clothes and somewhere to sleep. He then moves them to his three-bedroom crash pad where he evaluates their skills and needs and gives them access to skills training and counselling.

Recycling Lives Founder and Chairman Steven Jackson said: “Recycling Lives fully supports anyone with a strong humanitarian desire to help others. Recycling Lives also offers accommodation to ex-servicemen down on their luck, in addition to education, training and valuable work experience in a new field, empowering them to beat homelessness or welfare dependency.”