Keith Charnock learns to use a computer

A dedicated Transport Manager, who successfully ran the Recycling Lives Transport Department for almost 15 years with nothing more than pen and paper, has revolutised his working practices by learning to use a computer.

Keith Charnock who has worked for Recycling Lives for 17 years swore blind he would never use a computer.

But two years ago the 56-year-old was convinced to modernise the way he worked by giving a new computer system a chance.

Keith said: “Up until two years ago I had never used a computer or had the desire to use one. I left the company for a short time and when I returned the new system was about to be installed.

“It definitely makes the job quicker but I still say you need to keep a written book in case the computer dies and you lose the information. It’s no good to anyone if you have a job booked in on the computer and then it dies and you forget about it. “

Keith who is one of two Transport Managers based at the Recycling Lives Redscar site was taught to use the computer by the other Transport Manager Damien Snape and Maintenance Administrator Charlot Podmore-Nappin.

Charlot said: “Even though he is still a one finger typer he has done really well. When he was learning he would get stressed very quickly and get annoyed with the computer. Anything that went wrong was always the computer’s fault.”

Keith now uses a computer everyday and has become a bit of whizz.

He added: “I can get the job done now even if I type with only one finger but I never thought I would do. I still have no patience when it crashes though.”