Labouring the point of sustainability

Environmental issues are important to many voters, and Labour is attempting to appeal to those concerned about sustainability by pledging to toughen up recycling targets if elected.

Their waste policy would be similar to that of the Welsh and Scottish Governments. Instead of meeting minimum requirements, they would strive to increase recycling. The party’s plans are set out in a consultation document, “Resource Security: Jobs and Growth from Waste”.

As the title suggests, Labour would look at generating employment opportunities in the waste industry, so as to rebuild the British economy. They would also look at keeping recyclable waste in the UK rather than exporting it to be processed, as well as providing incentives to businesses whose products are easily reusable and recyclable.

Recycling Lives welcomes any attempt to bring in more stringent recycling requirements rather than merely trying to meet a minimum standard. Everyone should ensure as much waste as possible avoids landfill and is reused or recycled as appropriate.

It is also good to see any mention about job creation, especially where it concerns the waste management industry. The industry plays a vital role in dealing with waste products from households and businesses throughout the UK, and the industry will need to expand to cope with demand.

All in all, Labour’s proposals appear, at first glance, to be full of promise for the environment. But, should they be successful in the next general election, they will need to ensure that they carry out their pledges, and it is often difficult for Governments to bring about major change immediately. It could be several years before any positive effects are noted.

Whichever party is in power after the Coalition Government finishes its current term, Recycling Lives’ work will continue, and it will be done to the highest standards. We provide a range of innovative waste management solutions to households and businesses, and process a range of different materials including scrap metal and cathode ray tubes.

Our commercial activities are underpinned by a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, which means that everything we do is geared towards benefiting the environment, communities, and society. We work with businesses and charities to make sure local economies are boosted; we also ensure that our environmental impact is positive.

A major feature of our commercial operations is the social welfare charity that we support. It helps homeless people to access employment opportunities and accommodation, and has a positive effect on individuals’ lives. Residents have the chance to leave behind life on the streets and work their way back to independence with the charity’s support programme.