Martin’s boxing clever with Muay Thai

One of the Recycling Lives staff members will soon be taking an amazing trip to Thailand! It won’t be relaxing, but it will certainly be something he never forgets.

Regular readers will be familiar with the exciting events that happen at the Recycling Lives social business, and the social welfare charity that it operates. One of the most important parts of Recycling Lives is the staff team, who work tirelessly to process waste and promote the business’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Like the Residents supported by the social welfare charity, our staff members are people with interesting lives that feature a wide range of activities. One of our staff members, Martin Hundziak, has worked in the CRT department at the Recycling Lives Recycling Park for three years, and in his spare time, he is quite the martial arts practitioner.

Interested in martial arts from the age of ten, Martin, now 25, saw a film called Ong Bak, which featured a practice called Muay Thai. This inspired him to the extent that he started training at Preston’s Shor Chana School of Thai Boxing, which sparked off a dedication to Muay Thai that has is now a central part of his life.

Martin’s background meant he readily took to the Muay Thai moves. The young man had a brown belt in karate at the age of ten, and did ninjutsu at university. But Muay Thai is his passion, and he has an excellent coach, Master Chana, a champion fighter who also trained the Thai Olympic Team and the Royal Thai Army in combat!

In November, Martin will be taking his commitment to Muay Thai a leap further, spending a month in Phuket, Thailand, at Sinbi Muay Thai. Here, he will focus on his training every day, six days a week, and be coached by champion fighters.

To prepare for his solo Thai trip, he will be taking part in an interclub event at the Master Sken Academy in Stockport. Family, friends and training partners will be supporting him at this exciting event in May, during which he will compete in some practice fights, along with two fellow gym members, with people from other gyms.

For Martin, Muay Thai is more than just a pastime. It helped him to get through a relationship break-up, and has instilled discipline in him. He has lost at least two stone in fat since he started training, and has gained muscle; he also regularly runs more than ten miles, and eats a healthy diet. This is essential for success in the tough, gruelling sport. Martin says:

“Without exaggerating, I truly believe starting Muay Thai is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I will be forever grateful to Master Chana and my training partners for helping me get to this point. My aims are to continue improving and growing, to compete as much as possible, and repay the belief of my coach by becoming a good boxer.”

Martin would also love to take up a coaching role in Muay Thai, and clearly, with his dedication to the martial art and what he has achieved so far in such a short time, there is no doubt that he will put in maximum effort and strive for success.

Congratulations to Martin on his forthcoming trip from everyone at Recycling Lives. We wish him all the best in reaching his goals!