More employment opportunities

Recycling Lives is delivering on their pledge to provide jobs for local people currently receiving long term unemployment benefits.

The company is on track to employ 38 people before the end of March and is looking to secure funding to provide 100 more jobs next year.

Recycling Lives is working with partners, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire County Development Ltd, to deliver a range of jobs as part of the Future Jobs Fund. The job opportunities range from processing and manufacturing, to administration and shop floor work. Applications are received via Job Centre Plus, from those who have been unemployed for a period of at least 6 months.

Recycling Lives is also working with Preston College to develop a training program that delivers sector specific training. Courses range from Pre Employment Preparation and Preparation for Level Two qualifications, right upto NVQ Level 4. This means that those returning to work have the opportunity to gain qualifications that will enhance future job prospects.

Charles Jackson, Chief Executive of Recycling Lives said:

“The creation of new jobs is very a positive thing, especially as we emerge from a recession. The fact we are removing people from long term unemployment and providing them with a full time job and training is benefiting society and also boosting the local economy.”

Recycling Lives currently employs over 130 local people in recycling and manufacturing. The Recycling Lives Charity provides housing, training and back to work experience for those who have been marginalised by society. More information about Recycling Lives can be found at