New site sets sights high for Recycling Lives

Recycling Lives has another site in the Preston area for people to sell their scrap metal – the latest of several sites offering a sustainable service to the people of Lancashire.

The award-winning social business has opened its new metal buying facility on Walton Summit Business Park in Preston. Located on the former site of City Skips, the facility accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Tom Carysforth-Nadin, the Site Manager, said:

“This new venture is an exciting opportunity for Recycling Lives to build on its decades of experience in providing the best quality service and prices to people selling metal. Customers in the Preston area who want to sell their ferrous and non-ferrous metal now have another easily accessible, convenient place to take it.”

Along with assistance from Site Supervisor Carl Johnson, Tom will oversee the running of the new operation, which will, like Recycling Lives’ other sites, pay customers the best prices for their scrap metal. Since December, all scrap yards have been banned from trading in cash, so customers should be mindful that they will receive payment for their unwanted metal by cheque, electronic bank transfer or on a Recycling Lives cash card.

The Walton Summit site was turned into a Recycling Lives facility with great speed and efficiency, thanks to the staff’s efforts. They cleared all the old waste, moved the weighing scales, and replaced the old signage. Once the facility was getting ready to be opened, Residents at our social welfare charity distributed flyers to other businesses on the industrial estate.

The Residents will benefit from the Walton Summit facility, undertaking work experience there as part of their holistic support programme with the charity. Recycling Lives is committed to sustaining charity through metal recycling, and its own charity works with many people who have experienced disadvantaged backgrounds. Its Residents have been homeless and unemployed and, through the charity, they can access accommodation and employment opportunities as well as training courses and qualifications to help them along their journey to independence.

Steve Jackson OBE, Chief Executive of Recycling Lives, said:

“Everything Recycling Lives does relates in some way to society, and we do all we can to ensure that the local economy benefits, as well as the environment. This is at the heart of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We are delighted to be able to offer a further metal buying facility to the people living in the Preston area, and we are sure that they will be even more inclined to use the new Walton Summit site knowing that it has such benefits for people who have been given a chance to get back on their feet.”