Operation Tornado comes to Recycling Lives

Recycling Lives is reminding all its customers about Operation Tornado, a multi-agency initiative set to be launched in the scrap metals industry next week.

From July 9th, any customers wishing to be paid by cash at any of the Recycling Lives sites must comply with the regulations set out in the initiative. Recycling Lives has signed a service level agreement with Lancashire Police stating that we will obtain the relevant documentation from all of our customers.

Operation Tornado aims to support legitimate metals recyclers by combating metal theft and untraceable scrap metal sales. Recycling Lives’ adherence to the Operation Tornado guidelines is a demonstration of our commitment to best practice, which state that photographic ID and proof of address will be required for all transactions at our sites. CCTV footage and data will be kept for 28 days and 12 months respectively.

Although Recycling Lives is keen to adhere to the best possible standards, we value our customers’ time, and aim to make buying and selling at our sites as quick and easy as possible. In order to minimise the impact to our customers, we have met with members of the Lancashire Police service, who have agreed that we can set up a membership card system that will help to speed up and simplify the process.

What this means is that customers only have to provide the required identification once. After that, customers simply need to scan their Recycling Lives membership card to complete a transaction at our sites.

We’re asking all of our valued customers to bring the following forms of ID with them on their next visit to one of our sites:

Photocard driving license or passport
Utility bill as proof of address – this must be no more than three months old.
In the event of a company wishing to be paid in cash, we will need the ID of the driver who delivers the material rather than that of the company.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their business so far, and for their co-operation with these new steps that we are taking to make the scrap industry better for all legitimate dealers.

Please note that this is an interim position before the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act is changed later this year which make ALL cash payments, whether accompanied by ID or not, illegal.