Qualifications Quartet’s College collaboration success

As a social business, Recycling Lives prides itself on its partnerships with agencies in the local community, and one of our partners has been helping our staff to gain qualifications.

For five years, we have been collaborating with Lancashire Adult Learning to provide our staff, including people on placements, with qualifications.

People on placements include those from the Achieve Project, as well as Residents from our social welfare charity, who were previously homeless and are now receiving support.

Previously known as NVQs, these qualifications are now called QCFs, which stands for “Qualifications and Credit Framework”. Thanks to Lancashire Adult Learning, we are able to offer staff the opportunity to gain their QCF in Recycling.

The venture with Lancashire Adult Learning was set up originally by Robert Jackson, himself a qualified assessor. The operation expanded to bring in Simon Green and Tom Carysforth-Nadin, with Simon becoming the lead assessor. The latest addition is Clinton Williams, completing the team.

The Lancashire Adult Learning counterparts to our “Qualifications Quartet” are led by Christine Goldstone, the Curriculum Manager Employer Responsive, whose input has been invaluable throughout.

The results of this partnership work, initiated by former Chief Executive Charlie Jackson, who wanted to offer his workforce relevant qualifications and skills, continue to be impressive.

Originally, there were fifteen candidates taking NVQ Level 2, and we now have over 105 qualified recyclers at Levels 2 and 3. We have also begun delivering apprenticeships at Levels 2 and 3 in Sustainable Resource Management, with completion expected in the next two months.

With our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we value a skilled and qualified workforce, and our QCF programme demonstrates not only this but also our dedication to collaborating with local education providers.

Qualifications of this nature also make the social welfare charity’s Residents more employable, boosting their skills and imparting them with confidence on their journey towards independent living.