Recycling in Preston presses on with boxes 2 bins

Some Preston residents will have their recycling boxes replaced with bins at the end of May, making recycling easier, as part of the city council’s “Boxes 2 Bins” scheme.

Households in several areas of the city will actually receive two bins to replace their old boxes: a yellow-lidded bin for cans and plastic bottles, and a red-lidded bin for paper and cardboard.

This improvement will mean double the number of households in the city having bins; 15,000 houses already have them, and a further 15,000 will receive them. The bins have already enabled over 400 more tonnes of recycling in Preston, and the additional bins should further promote recycling. Cllr Robert Boswell, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“It’s about making it as easy as possible to recycle and we’ve introduced these new recycling bins as a direct result of listening to people asking for a better, more convenient recycling service. We’re investing £2.5m so that over the next three years new recycling bins will be in place across Preston.

“This will not only make it easier for people to recycle but will also make a massive difference to the local and global environment.”

As a social business whose aim is also to make a massive difference to the local and global environment, Recycling Lives is pleased to learn that Preston City Council is forging ahead with recycling. The news is especially welcome because we started our nationwide service in the city, 40 years ago.

Since we began, as a scrap metal dealer, we have expanded to become an organisation that provides comprehensive waste management solutions to householders and businesses throughout the UK.

During our expansion, we have retained the strong values with which we began. These values constitute our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, which means that, in all our commercial operations, we aim to add value to the local economy, the community, and society – whether it’s in Preston, Penzance, or Port Talbot.

We are particularly proud of the social welfare charity that we run. This is directly supported by the social business, and it helps homeless people to improve their lives. Previously living on the streets or at risk of eviction, they now have somewhere to live, and they can access work and training opportunities, gaining vital skills for future success.

Many of the Residents the charity supports go on to find permanent work with Recycling Lives or one of our corporate partners. They may also work on one of our Community Dotcom schemes, which provide convenient services to households and businesses looking to dispose of high quality furniture, scrap vehicles, and bulky waste.

In expanding its recycling programme, Preston City Council clearly understands the value of recycling waste – and so do we. If you want to find out more about recycling, contact us today!