Recycling Lives and Rock FM

In May, Recycling Lives came to the rescue of Preston’s Rock FM Radio Station. They had acquired an M-Reg Ford Granada Scorpio in January which didn’t run and needed to get rid of it before the Big Boss visited the station.

Whilst driving to work one morning listening to “The Adam at Breakfast Show”, our Chief Executive Charlie Jackson heard their pleas for help, he said: “When they described the vehicle it sounded like there was only one place for the car – the Recycling Lives Scrap Yard.

“So we called the station and offered our services. They jumped at the chance and the next day we went down with a Recycling Lives wagon and collected the car.”

Once it had arrived at the Recycling Lives Depot at Red Scar the recycling process began. The Chassis Number was recorded and the vehicle went through the De-Pollution process (tyres, petrol, oil, brake fluid, catalytic converter and battery removed), the engine was removed and then the rest of the vehicle was put into the Recycling baler to be crushed.

Once the whole process was completed we sent Rock FM their Certificate of Destruction to prove the car really had gone.