Royal seal of approval

The established partnership between Recycling Lives and global defence giant BAE Systems has won a prestigious award.

BAE Systems has an influential in-house award system called the BAE Systems Chairman’s Award.

The award is adjudicated through a tiered process involving Bronze, Silver and Gold Award panels.

So far Recycling Lives is proud to announce it has won a BAE Systems Bronze Chairman’s Award.

Last year 1,250 companies won the same award, while 54 won the Silver Award and only six won the coveted Gold Award.

After winning the Bronze Award, Recycling Lives and its partners at BAE Systems were given the opportunity to present to the next tier panel.

Earlier this month Recycling Lives found out the partnership had been successful again and that it now had the opportunity to progress towards the Silver Award before possibly even going for gold.

BAE Systems has been actively engaging with Recycling Lives over the last six months on a variety of projects.

To date Recycling Lives has received two large donations, one of a working kitchen and one of hundreds of pieces of office furniture.

In turn, BAE Systems has reduced the amount of waste it sends to landfill and successfully fulfilled their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda by putting something back into the community.

Recycling Lives Commercial Manager Mark Simpson said: “Both organisations have developed a strong relationship and together demonstrate that when there is commitment to create opportunity, it is easy to forge a productive and meaningful relationship.

“Recycling Lives has demonstrated that by understanding the needs of the corporate partner, we can work effectively to meet their high expectations.”

Dave Holmes, BAE Systems Director of Investment and Infrastructure Services added: “Working with a local charity, rather than a profit making company, allows us to support the environment, the local community and local charities. It is great to know that, while reducing our carbon footprint, we can make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.”