Recycling Lives receives new ISO accreditations

Recycling Lives has been successful in its application for two ISO accreditations, namely the ISO 9001 for Quality Standards and the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

The company applied for the certifications earlier this year and, after a complicated and drawn-out accreditation process, was awarded both the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 within a few days of each other at the beginning of this month.

Recycling Lives underwent a number of external audit visits by the accreditation team, in addition to a large sampling exercise across a number of departments within the company in order to identify areas for potential improvement. The results of these investigations were then assessed according to the ISO standard criteria, and, happily, Recycling Lives was found to have only a few minor deviations from these. The company worked quickly to rectify these discrepancies and was subsequently awarded the accreditations.

The ISO 9001, the ISO accreditation for quality standards, is awarded to companies that demonstrate:

  • increased efficiency
  • increased productivity and revenue
  • high employee morale
  • quality documentation processes
  • consistent improvement processes
  • customer satisfaction

The ISO 14001, for Environmental Management, requires companies to show:

  • adherence to legal and regulatory requirements
  • reduction of risk within the company
  • decreased use of raw materials
  • lower levels of waste
  • streamlined operations
  • increased employee motivation and participation

Recycling Lives is proud to have been awarded these two accreditations, which are internationally recognised and much cited in the procurement processes of both public and private sector organisations that are seeking to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility agendas.

By presenting a standardised and transparent set of criteria to which companies must adhere, ISOQAR – the ISO accreditation body – offers a way for companies to make real, documented improvements to their working methods, to the benefit not only of their business but also of their employees.

Recycling Lives’ Training Manager, Rob Jackson, commented:

“After hard work by the Compliance team, Recycling Lives has managed to secure the ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation. It is a very positive step to gain such well-recognised international accreditations that demonstrate how we as a company are moving forwards in the right way.

“The ISO standards are a very valuable tool, which if used correctly, can help influence working practices and improve performance in all aspects of an organisation. We look forward to living up to the standards!”