Recycling Lives supports Lancashire constabulary’s road safety campaign

PUPILS from Hutton Grammar witnessed firsthand the realities of a serious road traffic collision, when the emergency services staged a mock crash at their school.

Sixth form students watched as members of Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Lancashire Police and Lancashire Ambulance service mocked up a road traffic collision, involving two cars donated by Recycling Lives, in the school’s yard.

Recycling Lives supplies Lancashire Constabulary with all the vehicles they need for training and demonstration purposes.

Four pupils from the school acted out the part of crash victims whilst the emergency services used cutting equipment to free them.

The lesson was organised by Lancashire Police, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, the Ambulance Service and Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety.

The lesson also included a presentation and classroom discussions around road safety.

Police Community Support Officer Paul Fitzpatrick from Lancashire Police, who has helped organise the lesson, said: “Our aim is to take road safety education direct to young people. We know that learning by experience has real impact so enabling the pupils to see a full on simulation of a road traffic collision does have the potential to change behaviours and lead to lives being saved.”