Recycling Lives supports Police in driving home road safety message

Recycling Lives has been supporting Lancashire Police and its partner agencies in delivering street safety messages to local students.

On March 19th, members of the local police force visited Priory Hill School in Penwortham to discuss road safety to students. The presentation, which made up part of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership’s ‘Wasted Lives’ scheme, featured talks by members of the emergency services, interactive discussions with pupils about the importance of speed, seatbelts, alcohol and drugs, as well as a hard-hitting reconstruction of a crash scene.

Keen as ever to support the local community, Recycling Lives provided two scrap cars and a moped for the reconstruction. The vehicles were arranged to simulate a serious crash site and students were brought out to watch as members of the fire service cut the ‘injured drivers’ free from damaged vehicles, while Police and ambulance crew members stood by.

The reconstruction confronted the students with the very real consequences of irresponsible and careless driving.

Higher Penwortham PSCO Paul Fitzpatrick commented:

Nationally, one in three young drivers crashes within two years of passing their test. The aim of events like this is to make young people aware of the risks associated with driving so that when they start learning to drive and pass their test they understand the responsibility they have and the importance of driving safely.
“The presentation has already been delivered in several local schools and is very hard hitting but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with students saying it has really made them think about the consequences of taking risks behind the wheel.

Mark Simpson, Recycling Lives’ Commercial Manager said:

“When we were approached by Paul and asked to provide scrap vehicles for the traffic collision reconstruction, we were more than happy to help. It’s shocking to discover that a third of all new young drivers in the UK have an accident in their first two years behind the wheel, and it’s important to do all we can to get that number down.

“As the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership continues to push out the Wasted Lives scheme at other schools in the region, Recycling Lives will be on hand to provide the vehicles needed for the hard-hitting reconstructions, in the hope that students will take away the message that road safety really does save lives.”