Ribble Valley Homes commissions Recycling Lives for renewable energy study

Recycling Lives have carried out a renewable energy study for off-grid properties owned by Ribble Valley Homes.

With today’s high energy costs, it makes sense for landlords to consider energy-saving solutions. While this may sound like a simple task, there are plenty of options to consider and – often – not too much in the way of objective advice on the best choice in energy solutions. This was the dilemma faced by Ribble Valley Homes. The housing association which is based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, were struggling to decide which technology would be best suited to their properties, and to determine what benefits each option would present to both tenants and landlord?

Keen to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock, Ribble Valley Homes commissioned Recycling Lives’ Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy Technologies department to carry out a feasibility study of their off-grid properties in order to establish which renewable energy technology would be most suited to their needs.

The survey covered a wide range of properties, from one-bedroom sheltered housing bungalows to four bedroom houses. Most of the properties were located in rural areas, with limited options for fuels for heating and hot water. A large proportion of the properties had solid fuel coal fires, with back boilers feeding the hot water and radiators – an inefficient and labour intensive solution for an aging population!

The feasibility study by the Recycling Lives team presented a variety of technology options as possible solutions, with air source heat pumps emerging as the most suitable option for the Ribble Valley Homes properties. Heat pumps are a perfect solution in rural settings as many rural properties already meet the decent homes standard of insulation and benefit from wall and loft insulation. The second choice presented by the feasibility study was solar photovoltaic systems, suited for properties using an electric water boiler central heating system.

The financial and carbon reduction benefits of installing renewable technology solutions to home make a considerable difference to the landlord and tenant. In addition, the installation projects and subsequent maintenance bring valuable new jobs and training opportunities to the local area and make renewable energy technology a truly sustainable solution.

Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy Technologies division offers a neutral consultancy and supply chain service, which assists registered providers with their decision-making processes and helps them to establish the correct technologies, contractors and end user engagement.

To find out more about how Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy Technologies can help you to cut your energy bills or improve your housing stock, contact Steve.Lauri@recyclinglives.com  for an informal discussion.