Safely does it!

Recycling Lives held its quarterly internal Health and Safety Committee meeting last week as part of the company’s on-going commitment to seek further involvement from staff in advancing it’s health and safety initiatives.

Health and Safety Committee meetings are held every three months at Recycling Lives to ensure that managerial level decisions are not only disseminated to staff but are developed in conjunction with staff, bearing their needs and requests firmly in mind. The meetings are part of the company-wide commitment to tackling Health and Safety issues head on at Recycling Lives and are widely attended, with representatives from each department in the organisation participating.

2011 was a positive year for the Health and Safety team at Recycling Lives. Thanks to increased awareness of Health and Safety across all Recycling Lives sites, insurance rates were lower than in previous years – a real boost in these fragile economic times, during which Recycling Lives has managed to avoid making any redundancies and keep staff levels on an even keel.

A visit by the Health and Safety Executive at the start of 2012 went well, with Recycling Lives getting the thumbs up from visiting inspectors. However, as an organisation operating in what is an undeniably high-risk sector, Recycling Lives is careful to remind all its staff that the job of a Health and Safety department – a good one at least! – is never done. That’s why, during the last Health and Safety Committee meeting, emphasis was placed once more on educating and empowering employees to pre-empt, avoid, minimise and report any risks.

In further positive news, the Health and Safety Executive informed Recycling Lives that while readings of 25-40µg of mercury had been recorded in the air at other FPD recycling centres, the reading on our sites was no higher than 0.01µg – proof that the stringent safety measures on the flat panel display processing line are having the desired effect. Given that Health and Safety measures were of primary importance during the research and development of the organisation’s innovative Flat Panel Display processing centre, this is great news!

The next Health and Safety Committee meeting is scheduled to take place in April. In the meantime, the team would like to remind everyone in and around the sites to keep their eyes and ears open. There’ll be more fire procedure training, spot checks to make sure all visitors are informed about correct PPE and an evacuation drill to look forward to. Tom Carysforth-Nadin and Paul Ballard will also be stopping by to carry out a Health and Safety audit in every department, so get any potential risks identified and the kettle on!

Until then, wishing all staff a very safe, very healthy few months!